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The Night that no one sleeps (Tlaxcala)

Actualizado: 28 mar

The town of Huamantla, located in the state of Tlaxcala, Mexico, is known for its vibrant culture, delicious food, and traditional festivals. One of the most famous events in Huamantla is the Night that No One Sleeps, or "La Noche Que Nadie Duerme" in Spanish. This annual celebration takes place on August 14th and 15th and is a time for the people of Huamantla to come together and honor their patron saint, Saint Augustine.

The Night that No One Sleeps is a two-day event that is filled with music, dancing, and fireworks. The festivities begin on the evening of August 14th with a parade through the streets of Huamantla. The parade features floats that are decorated with flowers and colorful lights, as well as dancers and musicians who perform traditional dances and play traditional music.

After the parade, the party really gets started. The streets of Huamantla come alive with food vendors selling delicious tacos, tamales, and other traditional Mexican dishes. There are also plenty of carnival games and rides for children and adults alike.

As the night wears on, the fireworks display begins. The fireworks in Huamantla are some of the most spectacular in all of Mexico. They are set off from a hilltop overlooking the town, and the explosions light up the entire sky. The people of Huamantla believe that the fireworks are a symbol of their devotion to Saint Augustine, and they watch in awe as the sky is illuminated with brilliant colors.

The celebrations continue into the early hours of the morning, with music and dancing filling the streets. It is truly a night that no one sleeps, as the people of Huamantla stay up all night to honor their patron saint.

The Night that No One Sleeps is not just a celebration for the people of Huamantla. It is also a time when visitors from all over Mexico and beyond come to experience the vibrant culture of this town. If you are planning a trip to Mexico in August, be sure to add Huamantla and the Night that No One Sleeps to your itinerary.

In conclusion, the Night that No One Sleeps is a celebration unlike any other. It is a time for the people of Huamantla to come together and honor their patron saint, Saint Augustine, while also showcasing the vibrant culture of their town to visitors from all over the world. If you have the chance to attend this incredible event, don't hesitate to go. You won't be disappointed.

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