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What are the Pueblos Mágicos

(Magical Towns)?

Mexico's 132 magical towns, or magical towns, are smaller towns as opposed to large cities. Each one has been recognized by the Mexican Ministry of Tourism for certain special and unique qualities.


Its "magical" qualities can include unique folklore, rich history, stunning natural beauty, and great tourist infrastructure. As Mexico's magical towns are promoted by the country's Secretary of Tourism, these towns are very welcoming to tourists.


In the case of some of the best magical towns in Mexico, such as Tulum and San Cristóbal de las Casas, they are also some of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico. Some, like Xilitla, are more off the beaten path.


The magical town designation is similar to that of a UNESCO World Heritage Site; however, magical towns are limited to Mexico only. Although it is only a designation at the national level, it is a great honor for a town to be declared a magical town in Mexico.

About me

Hello! My name is Assivadam Perea. I have had the opportunity to travel to other countries and enjoy their culture and gastronomy, however, I knew that before continuing to see more countries, I had to know my own very well, so that when I was in other countries again, I could speak and show off. how beautiful my country is.

I had the opportunity to live in some of the most visited cities in Mexico by foreign tourists: Mexico City and Cancun, and in the latter city I worked in the hotel industry, where I had a lot of contact with tourists. And when talking to some of them, I realized that they only knew the same tourist cities: Mexico City, Cancun, Riviera Maya, Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos.

However, there are incredible places that are little known and that the Mexican government itself has considered as Magical Towns, which are small towns, but with a cultural, gastronomic and architectural richness, which you can find in all the provinces of Mexico.

So get ready to enjoy an incredible and wonderful trip to each of the corners of Mexico going by the  freeway.


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